Shirley Block

An employee at TriMet for 34 years, In several positions, mini run operator, full time operator for 10 years on the extra board. Fare Inspector, Bus Supervisor, Field Operations Coordinator. Served two terms as Executive Board Officer (6 years), four terms as shop steward (12 years).


shirley at rally photo 02

  • Sworn in as ATU757 President on July 1,2015.
  • AFL-CIO Summer School (Labor education and research Center
    at Univ of Oregon)
  • ATU member organizer training
  • Grievance training classes
  • Labor history classes
  • LERC training at Univ of Oregon
  • Laws that protect employees with disabilities
  • Troublemakers workshops
  • Activism Training/Labor Notes Conference
  • Health Protection and Promotion
  • Legal Rights of Union Stewards
  • Budget Committee

Accomplishments Since Elected

  • COIC Shift Bidding Agreement signed and settled in Bend in October 2015
  • Eugene: Airport Shuttle Bargain in Favor of Operators and not to continue to contract out.
  • Salem MV: Out of Pocket Benefits Resolved in favor of operators. Operator returned back from Termination with back pay.
    Down to one open grievance.
    More restroom access.
  • Tillamook:¬† Seniority corrective from bottom up to top down for all groups.
    Arbitration resolved in favor of operator.
    District has agreed to modify the district policy on how regular full time.
    Operators will be assigned overtime when substitutes and temps are not available.
  • Training: ¬†Classes with Sarah Laslett, Bob Bussuel, and Sara Ryan
  • Working with retirees to resolve some of their new medical lost.
  • Working and getting involved with other local unions.
  • 23 arbitrations done since July 1, 2015.